Brave Heart

Photography by Nadia Granger

When the heart

is full of pain

life feels more tender. 

Or maybe

when the heart 

is more tender 

life is full of pain.

Grief is as complex 

as a sunflower

like the seeds of its center

one memory developing the next.

The heart longing

for the 

yellow blossoms

of light.

Sometimes the heart 

misses its people 

before the mind

and body 

realizes the same.

Grief is complex

like the shell of a Cuban snail.

Emotions swirling

like its vibrant colors.

Attracting poachers

but protecting 

the mollusk inside. 

Salt can 


the heart.

When the heart 

is feeling through grief

it loses its appetite 

for love and life.

Or maybe 

its fasting 

so God can restore 

its hunger 

for love and life.

A brave heart

extracts the hurt dart,

awaiting the swelling.

Every little moment


a big moment


even the slightest weight

will radiate 


A courageous heart 

will look up

from the jar of grief –

and notice

a blue sky

cotton clouds

giant yet gentle trees

a groundhog sneaking out of its hole

the tight swirl of a budding rose

and the whisper of a breeze

telling the heart

to rock

and push 


and push

until the jar



the heart

once again.

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