Cardinal Confidence

Narratives of Self-discovery


It’s the photo of my three year old nephew, who barely escaped death as a newborn, wearing the light blue flannel of my departed brother’s childhood.  It’s another young and innocent nephew talking to his parents about his Papa Charles in heaven and asking, “but did he drive dere?” It’s the bright yellow of theContinue reading “Wait”


I’m in a power struggle with the world right now, and the world is winning. Each day, I lose more and more control. For instance, I’m jumping into an entirely new career and chapter in life. I’m applying to jobs outside of my comfort zone, for roles that are very new to me – whereContinue reading “Labyrinth”


It was love at first sight. The moment he held her in the palm of his hand I knew she’d become our little girl. He bottle-fed her, nestled her against his warm chest, and talked sweetly to her from day one. As she grew, she followed at his heels and loved him the best.  WeContinue reading “Grits”

Fake It Till You Make It

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make it.” Oftentimes, we use it as a mantra to help us through challenges. At least, in my experience, that’s when educators use it the most. As teachers, we are asked to create positive learning environments for our students. We are also told our attitudes setContinue reading “Fake It Till You Make It”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Nadia. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, educator, and a believer in God, prayer, and love. I have a journalism degree, which has been gathering dust for years, and an education degree. Though I enjoy educating young minds, I miss writing so here we are. Welcome to my passion project.

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