Cardinal Confidence

Narratives of Self-discovery


Recently, I decided to take a huge leap of faith. It has been one of the scariest leaps I’ve ever decided to take. It has caused grief because change always does. And, I feel free. I deserve to fly, and in order to fly, I must leap.

Trail of Light

We sat in a crowded church on an uncrowded pew on Christmas Eve. The crowd triggered my anxiety but having a pew mostly to ourselves comforted me. At the end of the service, the pastor pointed out a small privilege we take for granted in this modern world – automatic street lights. As the sunContinue reading “Trail of Light”

Baggage and A Cliche

You can’t stuff away life’s baggage. One day, you’ll open that closet in search of a special outfit for the most special occasion and the baggage will peak its head around that favorite dress you’ve saved for years because someday it’ll fit again.

Be Gentle

I’m in the trenches over here trying to learn about self-compassion and how to ask for what I need. Having a conversation about things I need from others for my own emotional well-being takes my body to panic attack levels because past life experiences programmed me to believe my emotional needs make me weak. Unlearning is difficult.

This season is teaching me a little bit about gentle self-love and compassion.


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Hi, I’m Nadia. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, educator, and a believer in God, prayer, and love. I have a journalism degree, which has been gathering dust for years, and an education degree. Though I enjoy educating young minds, I miss writing so here we are. Welcome to my passion project.

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