Grit Over Grind

Recently, I learned the difference between grit and grind.

Brene Brown described the difference something like this: Grit is doing the right kind of hard – pushing through for what’s on the inside of you. Grind is doing the hard stuff for others and the external rewards.

I’m a big self-reflection kind of gal. Always thinking about life – my life and the lives of others. I’ve always had a strong sense of what’s right, of my morals and ethics. I try really hard to live intentionally aligned with my morals and sense of right. Like everyone, I stumble along the way.

After learning the difference between grit and grind, I had a big revelation. What once was grit has become grind. I’ve been doing hard work for others – work to make others proud of me. What my core and spirit need changes as I change. What my core and spirit needed ten years ago isn’t what it needs now.

Fear of uncertainty paralyzes me. Fear of letting others down paralyzes me. Oftentimes, I push my desires to the dark corner of my mind because I’m fearful of failure. I’m fearful of being selfish. So, I grind. I do what others expect me to do and think I should do.

I’ve changed and so have my desires and needs. For years, I’ve been more focused on changing the world for others because it has always been easier for me. I’m older now, and I’m ready to choose courage over comfort. I’m ready to change the world for myself. It isn’t being selfish. It’s honoring my heart and honoring the right kind of hard.

Courage over comfort. Grit over grind.

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