Introducing Cardinal Confidence

Cardinal Confidence is a passion project all about self-discovery. As humans, we drift through life constantly searching and longing for meaning, joy, love, and our true selves-at least I do anyway. Self-discovery is on-going, ever-evolving. 

In the title lies my confidence in an ever promising God and the belief that God’s messengers come in all forms. In the title lies my confidence in an ever promising God that allows me to experiment with life without abandonment. 

In life, there are cardinal moments, cardinal decisions, and cardinal people that transform our hearts, mind, and spirit. Often times, we allow the distractions of life to blind us, to deafen us, and to numb us.

The goal of Cardinal Confidence is to build a collection of narratives that will erect a community of healing, strength, vulnerability, compassion, joy, and love. 

I hope and pray these narratives of self-discovery not only awaken you but also encourage and inspire you. I hope and pray they capture the raw and resilient force of the human spirit. I hope and pray you too begin to acknowledge and appreciate the cardinals that fly in and out of your life.

Most importantly, I hope and pray we all unearth our own Cardinal Confidence.

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